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The NFL offseason is in its quiet stage, the six-week lull between the end of minicamp and the beginning of training camp. Or so we think. 

There's always some news that comes out, such as a veteran signing with a team or a contract agreement. Then there are the minicamp storylines that are overblown. Players who are awaiting long-term extensions or those who could be traded. Of course, there are the nothing-bergers that come out of a quote or two during minicamp as well. 

What are the offseason storylines we're already tired of hearing about? Unfortunately, there are quite a few. 

Will the Cowboys re-sign Dak Prescott

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This one may be the most overblown of all, especially since Dallas refuses to give its franchise quarterback a massive deal after a career season. Prescott is going to be paid by somebody in 2025, but the question that has lingered on for months is if that will be the Cowboys. 

The Cowboys haven't actually helped their cause by saying they are committed to Prescott. If Dallas is so committed, why has it not signed the soon-to-be 31-year-old Prescott in a contract year? Are the Cowboys tired of not advancing past the divisional round of the playoffs in the Prescott era? Are they planning a rebuild after the 2024 season, with the centerpiece of that rebuild being moving on from Prescott?

The Prescott saga regarding the Cowboys has been overblown for months, just like the questions about if Dallas is a Super Bowl contender because it blows out bad teams throughout the season. 

This will be talked about all offseason and last into the NFL season. No matter what Dallas says, actions speak louder than words. 

Is Aaron Rodgers actually the problem in New York? 

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Any storyline involving Rodgers is just a nuisance at this point. Of course, Rodgers skipping minicamp for whatever he was doing turned out to be a big deal -- because the New York Jets made it one by saying it was an unexcused absence. 

Let the speculation begin! Is Rodgers committed to football? Does Rodgers like the Jets? What was more important than mandatory minicamp? 

Rodgers creates headlines with whatever he does, but the reality is he played just four snaps last season before going down with his Achilles injury. These questions will linger until Rodgers speaks again in July, and will certainly continue if the Jets lose games this fall. 

The Jets didn't handle the Rodgers situation right, creating even more headlines for an organization that has enough of them as is. There's a reason this franchise hasn't made the playoffs since the 2010 season. 

Are the 49ers going to sign or trade Brandon Aiyuk

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The Aiyuk saga has been lingering for over a year, and it's only growing with the explosion of wide receiver contracts this offseason. Justin JeffersonA.J. BrownAmon-Ra St. BrownJaylen WaddleDeVonta Smith and Nico Collins have received contract extensions this offseason -- with Collins getting the lowest amount at an average annual salary of $24.25 million.

One would think a Super Bowl team would want to pay one of their biggest offensive playmakers, especially since the 49ers' window of contention is now. The 49ers do want to pay Aiyuk, but both sides clearly aren't on the same page. Aiyuk saying "the 49ers don't want him" was also overblown. 

Are the 49ers really going to trade Aiyuk if both sides can't agree to an extension? Is Aiyuk going to continue his holdout without a new deal, causing a dilemma for a team that can win the Super Bowl this year? 

This story will continue to drag on until a resolution is made, with a lot of "he said, she said" until the issue is resolved. The Aiyuk trade rumors are already old. 

Will the Dolphins sign Tua Tagovailoa

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Quarterback contracts have been a focal point this offseason. Trevor Lawrence was the latest to get paid at an average annual salary of $55 million a year. Jared Goff was paid $53 million a year while Kirk Cousins received $45 million a year in free agency. 

Where does Tua Tagovailoa fit in all this? Will he get paid more than Lawrence? Will the Dolphins actually pay Tagovailoa after a history of injuries and good regular season numbers, but not as efficient in the postseason? 

This story hasn't been overblown as much because of the Cowboys situation with Prescott, but the Tagovailoa situation will linger throughout the year as the quarterback is playing on his fifth-year rookie option. 

The Dolphins could put this to rest by signing Tagovailoa, or could just let him walk after the season. The decision will linger no matter how Tagovailoa plays every passing week. 

This storyline will be overplayed throughout the 2024 season. 

Is there a disconnect between Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni? 

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Thanks to how Hurts answered a question regarding Sirianni in his press conference concluding Eagles minicamp, questions arose in the media-driven city of Philadelphia. Does Hurts have faith in his coach? Is Hurts happy with the offensive changes in Philadelphia? 

The conversation has escalated because there is no football news going on and Hurts doesn't have to explain himself until training camp. Hurts could have answered the question much better (especially since it was an easy one to answer), but the speculation on whether there is a disconnect between him an Sirianni has been overblown. 

Hurts will get his chance to give a better answer (and he should have the first time), but it will be a long month of July until he does. Sirianni has questions to answer regarding his job status in 2024, and that's fair. That shouldn't be the case for Hurts.