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Without a doubt the most fascinating parts of episode two of "Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants" had to do with the private interviews New York's coaching staff conducted with prospects at the NFL Scouting Combine. Drake Maye appeared to be a wiz of the whiteboard, while Jayden Daniels failed to correctly recite back a play offered by head coach Brian Daboll twice.

The Giants also interviewed wide receivers, including eventual No. 4 overall pick Marvin Harrison Jr. out of Ohio State. During the course of his conversation in Indy, Giants wide receivers coach Mike Groh showed Harrison a play where his quarterback, Kyle McCord, missed an open Harrison with a bad throw. Groh wanted to see how much Harrison would blame his quarterback on plays like these, and asked him what he says to his quarterback in the huddle after he misses a pass. Harrison answered saying that he doesn't say anything to quarterbacks. Groh then says, "I mean it's a shit throw, right?" It was a comment met by laughter from Giants general manager Joe Schoen. 

Harrison, like a good prospect, attempted to take the blame, saying he's always going to want to make the play no matter how good or bad the throw is. 

Despite going from C.J. Stroud to McCord at quarterback, Harrison still recorded the most receiving yards (2,474) and receiving touchdowns (28) in a two-year span in Ohio State history, and is the only player in Big Ten history to record 14 receiving touchdowns in multiple seasons. 

After Harrison was selected by the Arizona Cardinals at No. 4, the Giants landed on LSU wideout Malik Nabers at No. 6 overall, who was also seen in episode 2. The Giants brass was surprised with how reserved Nabers was in his interview, but the dog he was on the field in 2023 won out.